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Problem with filesystem attributes ??

Oct 2, 2012 at 6:14 PM

Hi !

That I found JARF, was just my beginning with rsync. I've heard

of it years ago, but never need blocklevel differences and so,

I have not setup it in th past. While reading, I found a vbscript

with uses rsync [start a cygwin based exe on the local machine],

but in this script is an very importahnt note:

   -- rsync does not copy open files
   -- rsync cannot use pathes, longer than 260 characters
   -- rsync does not copy NTFS extended attributes (Junctions, Streams, Sparse Files)

Is that true for your version also ?? Especially, without log filename,

I can not live ... I saw, your source is C#, which does not support

long filenames .... Or do you have a library for that??

Thanks anyway,